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Where Great Minds Are Born


Vision Statement

we envision a vibrant and engaging learning environment that celebrates the wonders of childhood. We are committed to fostering curiosity and igniting a lifelong love for learning. By providing a safe and nurturing space, we empower our young learners to explore, discover, and develop their unique talents and abilities.


Mission Statement

At CheerHug Kids Pre-School, our mission is to foster a nurturing and joyful environment that ignites a lifelong love for learning in our young learners. Through a creative and inclusive curriculum, we empower children to explore, grow, and discover their unique potential. We embrace each child's individuality, celebrating their achievements while cultivating their social, emotional, and cognitive development.


Our dedicated team of passionate educators is committed to providing exceptional care, guidance, and support, ensuring every child's happiness, safety, and holistic growth. Together, we build a strong foundation for future success, where each child leaves with cherished memories, invaluable skills, and a confident spirit, ready to embrace the world with enthusiasm and kindness.

CheerHug Kids activities
CheerHug Intro
CheerHug Kids
Brain development of child from 0   6 years
CheerHug Kids Intro

Sudhakar Reddy

1. Creative and practical approach in teaching.
2. Supportive and friendly staff.
3. Along with the curriculum, life skills are added to daily activities. This is helping kids to be independent
4. The way online classes are conducted, tracking each kid with daily activities is appreciated.
5. Constant communication and feedback from staff is helping better in understanding children's interests.
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